Under the title „Heart, Head, Hands – Perspectives on Social Justice and Solidarity in Europe,“ 50 adolescents spent 10 days exploring questions about solidarity. The aim was to collaborate with young people in developing forward-looking perspectives on solidarity in Europe that build upon the experiences and living environments of young individuals.

The young participants engaged in reflection on the topic using non-formal methods. During the theoretical workshops, they delved into the subject based on the situations in the countries where the youths reside. Following the theoretical workshops, the participants continued their work in creative ways. These art-based workshops served as a complement to the theoretical approach. The goal of combining theoretical and practical, art-based engagement with the topic was to create a final theater and performance piece.

The intensive collaboration on a performance piece, incorporating various cultural practices, resulted in a diverse range of forms of cultural education and opportunities for the development of media literacy, enabling young people to become acquainted with each other on a profound level.

Final Presentation ART CAMP 2023